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Guns And Gun Control Essay. Gun Control Argumentative Essay One of the biggest controversial topics in the United States is the topic of guns and gun control. Guns today are used for a variety of things. Hunters and professional sharpshooters use guns for sport while many houses have a gun for the protection it may bring. Mar 14,  · Writing gun control essay is not as difficult as it seems. State your position, give several valid reasons and support with sources. Check our detailed Author: Edubirdie. Aug 15,  · 12 Gun Control Articles to Support Your Argumentative Essay August 15, Gun control is a hot button issue, especially in the wake of so many recent, tragic mass shootings.

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Thesis Statement: Society benefits from firearms in the hands of responsible citizens. Attempts to keep firearms away from these citizens do more harm than good. Effects on crime victims. Teaches responsibility. Gun control is not one issue, gun control essay outline, but many. To some people gun control is a crime issue, to others it is a rights issue, gun control essay outline. Gun control is a safety issue, an education issue, a racial issue, and a political issue, among others.

Within each of these issues there are those who want more gun control legislation and those who want less. On both sides of this issue opinions range from moderate to extreme. Guns are not for everyone. Certain individuals cannot handle a firearm safely, and some individuals choose to use firearms inappropriately. Our society has passed laws regulating the ownership and use of firearms, and more legislation is being considered, gun control essay outline.

Most of this legislation restricts, to some degree, the rights of individuals to possess or use firearms, gun control essay outline. Some restrictions may be necessary, but some recent legislation has gone too far.

Society benefits from firearms in the hands of responsible citizens. To begin with, a definition of a "responsible citizen" is in order.

The definition used in this paper was provided by Steve Rusiecki, a local police officer. When asked what makes someone a responsible citizen in regard to firearms ownership, Mr, gun control essay outline. Rusiecki replied, "The citizen must be law-abiding, with no felony record, must not abuse alcohol or drugs, must not be mentally ill, must not have renounced U, gun control essay outline.

This definition combines elements from the Federal Gun Control Act ofand Arizona's concealed carry law. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states: "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. This idea was not new. The militia referred to cannot be construed as meaning the Army or National Guard, in the words of Samuel Adams: "The Militia is composed of free citizens" qtd.

Additionally, George Mason considered a "well regulated Militia" to be one "composed of. Gentlemen, Freeholders, and other Freemen" qtd. The Revolutionary War was won with the help of "An armed populace composed of partisans, militias, independent companies, and the continental army.

It is obvious from this that the Founding Fathers thought that society benefited from firearms in the hands of the people. Many years later we began placing restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. The first restrictions concerned the manner in which citizens could carry arms. In the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the constitution did not grant the right to carry a concealed weapon; although earlier court cases had ruled that the constitution did protect the right to carry concealed weapons Shortly before the Civil War, some southern States passed legislation denying slaves and freed blacks the right to possess firearms.

The basis of this legislation was the Dred Scott Decision. They reasoned that since blacks were not considered citizens they did not have the rights of citizens, including the right to keep and bear arms The gun control legislation of this era resulted from prejudice against an entire race of people. These laws were in effect until after the Civil War when the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution were ratified.

The legislation referred to here must be considered harmful to society, gun control essay outline. The rational given for most modern gun control essay outline control legislation is "Crime Control. Supporters of the Brady Bill used that incident to gain support for their gun control legislation, claiming it would reduce crime and save lives.

The fact is that the background check and waiting period included in the Brady Bill would not have prevented John Hinckley from legally purchasing the handgun used in that incident. Records show that "a police background was run on Hinckley four days before he purchased the revolver he used to shoot President Reagan and Jim Brady.

The check showed he had no felony convictions in any jurisdiction. Neither had Hinckley any public record of mental illness" "Guns" An even greater shortcoming of the Brady Bill is that it only affects legal transactions.

By definition, a criminal is someone who breaks the law. Criminals have many ways to obtain weapons without going through the process mandated by the Brady Bill. Two obvious examples are theft and black market purchases. According to studies "only one firearm of every six used in a crime is obtained legally" Thomas Since the passage of the Brady Bill, only four felons have been apprehended trying to purchase a firearm NRA, "Grassfire".

When I asked Steve Rusiecki for a policeman's opinion of the Brady Bill, he replied: "I think it is an gun control essay outline attempt at crime reduction rather than one based on legitimate facts" 6.

In view of the facts presented, it is obvious that the Brady Bill is not an effective crime prevention tool. The Brady Bill is not effective in fighting crime, but it does affect crime victims. The five-day waiting period during which the police conduct the background check is also supposed to gun control essay outline as a "cooling off" period to prevent crimes of passion.

Fortunately, this five-day wait is waived in states like Virginia which have an instant background check system in place. The following article is an example of how waiting periods affect crime victims:. Marine Cpl. Rayna Ross of Woodbridge, Virginia, gun control essay outline, might be dead if a waiting period had been in effect.

Instead, the instant check system in place in that state allowed her to defend her life against a former boyfriend three days after she purchased a pistol. The man, a Marine under orders to stay away from Ross because of previous assaults and threats, broke through a door and rushed into her bedroom with a bayonet. Ross fired twice, mortally wounding him. The shooting was ruled to be a case of self-defense "Armed Citizen".

If the five-day waiting period gun control essay outline been in effect, it is likely that an innocent woman would have been killed. During the debate in Congress over the passage of the Brady Bill, gun control essay outline, supporters claimed passing the bill would be worth it "if it saved just one life. Another example of gun control legislation that affects the wrong people is the "Assault Weapon" ban included in the Crime Bill of While supporters of the ban claim the firearms banned by this bill are the "weapons of choice" of gangs and drug dealers, the FBI Uniform Crime Reports show this contention is unfounded Rusiecki 7.

However, at Congressional hearings gun control essay outline on March 31of this year, several people testified that they had used guns which are now banned to defend their lives and to prevent crimes "Survival".

It is fortunate that these citizens had firearms to defend themselves. Society does not benefit from the death or serious injury of innocent citizens. As mentioned earlier, crime is not the only issue related to firearms ownership. Hunting is a popular sport and, in some parts of the country, an important source of food.

On the surface, it might appear that hunting is harmful to wildlife and the environment. The fact is that the opposite is true. Wildlife biologists have found that well managed and regulated hunting programs are beneficial to wildlife. If the wildlife population becomes too large, food becomes scarce and the population starves to death.

Wildlife biologists take counts of game animals in a given area and study the habitat to determine the population level it can support. Then they make recommendations to State Game and Fish officials who set hunting seasons and bag limits. Hunting is a tool used by these officials to manage the wildlife under their care "Arizona" Non-game wildlife is also protected by hunters, and even by firearms owners who do not hunt. More than three billion dollars have been raised from these sources gun control essay outline used to protect both game and non-game animals Firearms ownership is clearly beneficial to the environment gun control essay outline a good environment is beneficial to everyone.

Firearms are also used in competitive sports. The Olympic Games include competitions with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Shooting is also part of gun control essay outline biathlon and has been part of the Olympic pentathlon since "Pentathlon".

There are also many competitions throughout the country in bull's eye, bench rest, silhouette, practical pistol, trap and skeet, and other shooting sports. Men, women, older children, and even individuals with certain disabilities can enjoy these sports since shooting does not require much agility or physical strength.

Even without formal competition, shooting can be enjoyed as a hobby. Recreational shooting may involve paper targets, tin cans, or other suitable targets. This hobby can be enjoyed at indoor target ranges, but is usually practiced outdoors. In fact, shooting can often be combined with other enjoyable outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and sight seeing. Shooting is a relatively inexpensive activity which the entire family can enjoy.

With close supervision, gun control essay outline, children can be taught to shoot. Learning how to shoot safely means learning about responsibility, and the time spent teaching a child to shoot is quality time. When a child is ready, they may be allowed to shoot with less supervision. When this time comes, the child knows they have earned their parent's trust and they gain a sense of self-confidence. Sharing a hobby like shooting can bring a family closer together, teach children responsibility, and promote trust between parents and children.

This is definitely good for society. Throughout history violence has plagued the human race. Since ancient times the strong have preyed on the weak and the meek.

We have passed laws to protect society, but the violence continues. Laws attempt to change human behavior, but laws are not able to change human nature.


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Research Paper Outline Gun Control - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Gun Control outline/5(12). The good thing about writing a persuasive essay on gun control is that they are pretty straight forward in their structure and organization. When writing about gun control, your essay should do the following: Interest the reader in the situation and make them want to learn more about it. Explain the controversy of gun control clearly. Mar 14,  · Writing gun control essay is not as difficult as it seems. State your position, give several valid reasons and support with sources. Check our detailed Author: Edubirdie.